Discover the Best Hummingbird Fish Finder: Ultimate Echo-sounder Guide

More than 30 years the company Humminbird is a leader of the up-to-date technologies and produces the most popular echo-sounders in America. Sport-anglers and professionals use echo-sounding devices Humminbird every day, all the year round. The company Humminbird is the first who started the production of the echo-sounders, depth sounders and GPS-systems for the anglers. A lot of devices with the new qualities, which are used in many countries of the world, were created. The company Humminbird delivers the devices with the up-to-date technologies, which assure pleasing trips and adventures. The use of the echo-sounder Humminbird  doesn’t require any special training, because the information is represented in the metric units in several European languages.  Echo-sounders detect the depth of the water body, the bottom topography and structure, the water-temperature and travel speed. The Hummingbird Fish Finder allows to detect the fish and to display it on the screen in the form of symbols of a good quality. It allows the aquanautics  from the shore, the boat or the launch. Besides, the company Humminbird produces the echo-sounders for the ice fishing. The company produces the supplementary equipment for the echo-sounders: side-imaging sensors, pressure transducer, speed transducer, wireless transducer SmartCast, temperature sensor Humminbird, cases, fasteners.

The PiranhaMAX Series – one touch is enough for the usage of the modern functions of the fish detector PiranhaMAX- Fish ID+, which solve the problems of the finding out of the fish, depth measurement, bottom contour vision etc. Choose one from three sonar beams: TriBeam, DualBeam or single beam. Each of these options has its own advantages of overview of the bottom.

In this series, you will always find a product that suits your style of fishing and financial opportunities. Technology ClearEdge Grayscale, the vertical resolution of 240 pixels and a enhanced of contrast guarantee more information on the screen even in direct sunlight. Simplicity and quality. That’s why PiranhaMAX is the most popular among anglers.

The Fishin’ Buddy Series – use this device in your boat, in your friend’s one or from the moorage. Take this echo-sounder with you to the ice fishing during the wintertime. The unique structure of it allows to observe easily and exactly the milieu under the ice. The Fishin’ Buddy echo-sounders assure the maximal  portability, ergonomic structure of the stringing clamps and ensures the usage of the device almost at any place without any difficult assembly and connection operations and even without sonar assembly. Of course, you will like monochrome or color screens with high resolution, and also powerful SideFinding sonar, which may be turned practically to any direction during the fish search. The tube of the sonar 60 cm long reaches the water from the mid-sized and small-sized boats or through the ice hole. Besides, you could choose the model with the telescopic tube 100 cm long!

The producer has seen to it that the device Fishin` Buddy was easy and simply to cope with: one element of the control One-Touch is used. It activates all the modern functions of the device. In addition, there is an option Selective Fish ID+. Six batteries “AA” type will be enough for many hours of the fascinating fishing.

The SmartCast Series – this product doesn’t resemble any echo-sounder you have seen before. Just tie the remote sensor of the sonar SmartCast to the fishing line. From now on, wherever you fish, you will see the fish, the structure of the bottom and even the temperature of the water on the screen. You will take advantages of the simple echo-sounder and at the same time, you will be able to move freely and to fish in any place you wish, even where it’s impossible to use other devices. Only imagine, would you like to know what is going on in the water during the fishing from the shore? You won’t believe what various uses this unique technology of wireless communication has. Soon you will not be able to imagine the fishing without the echo sounder of the SmartCast series.

The modern remote sensor RF 45 assures the mentioned capabilities:

  • The survey of the depth is up to 40 meters.
  • 500 hours  of the continuous usage in the water.
  •  Taking the surface water temperature.
  • The screen illumination during the night fishing.
  • By the software approach you could choose the communication channel A/B and to fish the two (together), don’t disturbing each other.

 The 500 Series has exceptional qualities and incredible attractiveness. The echo-sounders of this series will help you to find the catch, meanwhile, doesn’t matter where it is hidden. This series is famous for its reliability! The echo-sounders Humminbird of the 500 series will be perfect assistants on the small river as well as on the large water body.

Choose the device with the necessary screen, which has the vertical resolution of 640 pixels and assures the crystal pure image. The devices use the Humminbird advantages of the Sonar Echo Enhancement technology. These devices are so sensible that you can oversee the lure at the depth up to 20 meters and also discern the fish in the distance of  7 cm one from another, even in the very dense vegetation. The sonar QuadraBeam PLUS, which was available before only for the owners of the expensive systems, now may be installed in the models of the fish-detecting devices of the 575-series and assures you a general vision of the bottom on the miter of 90 degrees.

The 700 Series – it’s an unbelievably distinct and clear image, vivid colors even in the sunlight! A unique fish-detecting device 700 Series with the high vertical resolution 640 pixels assures it.

You will appreciate every pixel, because the powerful DualBeam PLUS or, optional QuadraBeam sonar, or exceptional sonar of the side imaging with incredible image, resembling the picture, will show such fish and bottom structure, which remain unnoticed by other echo-sounders. Using the efficient  16-channel GPS-receiver, you will easily identify and remember the coordinates of the interesting points on the thousand of lakes and rivers. Exchange the points, the tracks and GPS-data in the real-time mode with other modules in the Internet, increase the productivity, connecting to the link of the wireless sonar, the control module of the rob holders CannonLink and other modules.

 The 800 Series – a fish detector echo sounder with a wide 7″ color ultra-modern screen with the high resolution of 480х800 pixels. The external 50-channel GPS-receiver, SI and DI technologies, the support of the Navionic charts.

The 900 Series – fish-detecting devices with the wide 8“color screens assures advances anglers with vast possibilities on the water. The echo-sounders 900 Series will help you to find out the fish even when other devices turned out powerless. Using the devise 997с SI Combo you will get the exclusive sonar of the side imaging with the high resolution, reflecting the image of the bottom, resembling the picture. Operating this powerful traditional 2D sonar, you will be assured to have a commode vision of the sonar and navigation data on the split screen. The GPS navigation, WeatherSense and other complementary modules improve the incomparable quality of this sonar. A unique 3D technology, used in Humminbird 967с 3D Combo, shows the 3D image of the underwater world.

 The 1100 Series – a echo-sounder has a big color screen with the diagonal 10,4“, assuring clear and distinct image with the vertical resolution  600 and horizontal one  – 800 pixels. Humminbird 1100 Series allows to apply the side imaging with the high resolution, assuring the image of the bottom maximally resembling the picture. The device shows you the whole image of the bottom on the miter 180 degrees. The water is a big world, that’s why the device with a big screen is a wonderful navigation means. 16-channel GPS system with the function of the travel routing helps you to find out the favorite places of the fishing. Besides, you can link additionally any modules for the improvement of the sonar qualities.

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